We also race with our sleddogs! There are currently 2 teams in full training that are preparing for mid to long distance races.

We also have puppies and young dogs which of course take a lot of time and energy, we free run all our pups in the forest around our basecamp, we try to learn them as much as possible of being out in the wild including crossing water, swamps and wild animals amongst other obstacles that they will certain face on the trail in the future as they develop into race dogs.  

We have bought some puppies from fantastic distance lines like Tomas Waerner in Norway, Mats Pettersson in Sweden and imported two puppies from Brenda Mackey in Alaska. We hope that these dogs will be a great starting block and foundation in our kennel for the future! We are having so much fun training them, along with them training us of course on how things should be run! We are all working hard together towards our goals 

This year we will hopefully compete in a few distance races with our main competition being the Beaver Trap Trail and the Tobacco Trail. This of course we hope to build on. These races are difficult and take years of skill and experience on running dogs. The trail is long, we aspire to follow our dreams and continue having fun with our crazy furry friends!

We are looking forward to sharing our adventures and stories with you all, from our long long journey on becoming a distance sleddog team.

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