Terms and Conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully as they provide the detail of the contract between you and Oatfield Huskies when booking. Our Privacy Policy is at the bottom of this page.

Terms and Conditions 2023

1. An initial deposit of 20% of the total booking amount has to be paid at time of the reservation to complete your booking.
2. In order to guarantee your booking at Oatfield Huskies the full amount, 100% of your trip has to be paid not later than 30 days before arrival.
3. If a booking is made within 30 days of arrival full amount has to be paid at once.
4. If initial deposit or final payments for your trip are not paid according to the terms outlined, your reservation will be considered as cancelled and will be subject to the specified cancellation fees.
5. Cancellation before 30 days of arrival will be refunded except for the initial deposit. In case of cancellation later than 15 days before arrival, the whole amount is non- refundable.
6. In events that occur outside our influence, like extreme and difficult weather conditions, safety risk, or other complications that we cannot control, A refund will be given if we are aware of the problem before the activity has begun, minus 20 % deposit. If a complication was to arise during an activity then we will offer to reschedule to your availability.
7. Most sleddog and snowmachine activities involve a certain amount of risk. It is your responsibility to make sure that your travel insurance is appropriate for the type of activities you will do with us at Oatfield Huskies.
8. In case of cancellations due to restrictions related to COVID-19 or notifiable health threats at the destination, or nearby the destination, from the Swedish Government, municipalities or authorities, the payments will be refunded except the initial deposit.
9. In case of cancellations due to citizens in a certain country being prohibited by their state government or authorities to leave the country and/or prohibited from entering Sweden by the Swedish authorities due to COVID-19, the payments will be refunded except the initial deposit.

Payment is made by wire transfer below:

General bookings

1. Your booking confirmation email contains important information regarding your booking. Please note that the content in the email constitutes the contract terms between you and us (Oatfield  Huskies). You are required to check the details in the email as soon as you receive it. Any errors must be highlighted immediately (no longer than 24 hours after booking). You are responsible for the accuracy of the information you provide in connection with the booking.
2. Where two or more people are included on the same booking, or a booking is being made on behalf of a third party, the person making the booking shall be seen to be acting as an agent for all members of the party and accepts the Oatfield Huskies Terms and Conditions on behalf of each member of the party.
3. Where a booking is made by telephone, a booking confirmation email will be sent out and constitutes the contract between you and us (Oatfield Huskies). The booking is subject to your acceptance of the Oatfield Huskies Terms and Conditions and payment in full or a deposit.
4. It is the responsibility of the guest to provide a full and valid mobile phone number including the international dialing code. Any changes made by Oatfield Huskies to your activity will be notified by SMS text or by calling the number provided. It is you responsibility to check for messages left on this contact number during the final 24 hours prior to the activity. Oatfield Huskies will endeavor to take every possible route to contact you to inform you of any last minute changes but takes no responsibility if you are not obtainable.
5. If staying at our lodge it is your responsibility to inform Oatfield Huskies of any dietary requirements, allergies or special assistance needed, at least 7 days before you arrive.
6. To take part in our tours, you must be in reasonable physical condition. If in doubt, please contact us in advance and we will be happy to answer your questions.
7. Any changes to bookings must be made by email to oatfieldhuskies@hotmail.com, at least 7 days before the start of your tour. If you would like to change your booking, we will do our best to accommodate any reasonable changes but all changes are subject to availability and we reserve the right to charge a change fee to cover any additional cost incurred. If a fee is charged you will be notified of the fee and be given the option to accept the change or keep your original booking.
8. Cancellations must be made by email oatfieldhuskies@hotmail.com, and will be confirmed by email. If no confirmation of you cancellation has acknowledged it is you responsibility to contact Oatfield Huskies by phone or by email. Our standard cancellation and refund policy is:
8a. Short tours; Cancellations made MORE than 48 hours before the date of the activity will receive a 90% refund (10% administration charge is kept to cover booking fees). Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund if you decide to cancel within 48 hours of the tour (for any reason, including weather or unforeseen changes to travel plans) so we advise you to have suitable travel insurance in place.
8b. Multi-day tours; not refundable. From the remaining balance (after deducting the deposit from the total tour cost) cancellations made more than 30 days before the date of activity will receive a 90% refund (10% administration charge is kept to cover booking fees). Cancellations made 15-29 days before will receive a 75% refund and 8-14 days will be refunded 50% of the remaining balance. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund if you decide to cancel within 7 days (for any reason, including weather or unforeseen changes to travel plans).
8c. We recommend you get a travel insurance policy that will cover any holiday costs in the event you need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances.
9. Oatfield Huskies provides exciting wilderness experiences in an extreme environment. The nature of our tours means that, occasionally, the tour may need to be altered or shortened, with or without notice, for the comfort and well-being of our guests. If in exceptional circumstances we have to cancel your tour, we will refund you 100% of the cost with no administration deductions.
10. Although many of our tours are designed to provide excellent opportunities to see wildlife and/or natural phenomena (including Northern Lights), it is not possible to guarantee sightings.
11. Force Majeure: Oatfield Huskies is not liable for failure to perform our activity obligations if such failure is as a result of Acts of God (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster), war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities (regardless or whether war is declared), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, terrorist activities, nationalization, government sanction, blockage, strike, lockout or interruption of failure of electricity, internet or telephone service.Additional T&Cs for (but not limited to) our multi-day tours
12. You are responsible for possessing a valid passport and obtaining any visa required for travel to Sweden.
13. Oatfield Huskies cannot be beheld responsible for any element of your holiday that is considered "own arrangements" such as flights or tours/activities that you have booked directly with another supplier, even if these arrangements are taken during your stay with us.
14. Participants may be asked to complete a Medical Questionnaire to confirm that you are fully aware of the physical and mental stresses that some of our more adventurous tours involve. Should you have, or have had, any medical conditions that we believe will affect your participation in the tour, we may request written confirmation from your doctor that you are physically able to take part in the tour.
15. It is a condition of participation in any of our tours that you agree to accept the authority and decisions of our employees and guides whilst on holiday with us: they are there to ensure the safety and well-being of the whole group.
16. Under no circumstances will ill treatment of our dogs be tolerated.
17. Oatfield Huskies makes every effort to deliver the tour sold to you to the best of our ability. However, we cannot accept liability for failure when the improper performance is due to the actions of our guests, someone else not connected with the provision of our services, or unusual/unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control. Please note that in any event any compensation payable for claims against us will not exceed the cost of you holiday.
18. We are lucky enough to live and work in an extremely low crime area but please note we are unable to accept liability for damage or loss to personal items or baggage at any time.
19. Oatfield Huskies strongly recommends you to take out insurance that provides you with adequate cover in Sweden, including patient repatriation in the event of a medical emergency, travel delays and lost or damaged baggage. Unfortunately Oatfield Huskies is not able to assist in meeting these costs.
20. We continually strive to give guests the best possible experience during your time with us but in the unlikely event you have a complaint about any part of your tour, please report it to one of our guides at the soonest practicable opportunity so we have any opportunity to rectify the problem. Failure to make us ware of any problems may reduce the amount of compensation to which you would otherwise be entitled.
Nothing can affect the consumer's statutory rights. Swedish law shall govern these conditions in all respects.
If you have any questions about these Therms and Conditions, please feel free to contact us at oatfieldhuskies@hotmail.com via our Contact Us or by telephone on +46(0)70-2548798.

Privacy policy
We respect your privacy and will not give out your information to a third party, company or individual unless it is part of the service you are buying from us or if required by law. This is in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018.
We require some information from you in order to provide you a service. This information will be treated in confidence and will be used only for the purpose it was supplied for. Sometimes this may include personal information that relates to you physical suitability in joining one of our tours and a brief medical history. These details may be shared with any member of the Oatfield Huskies staff who may be involved in delivering a service to you as part of the tour you have booked with us. Your contact details will be held for up to ten years on our booking system and any medical history may be stored on our computer system for up to three years unless you request in writing that we delete it sooner.
You can contact us by email or our contact us form at any time to inquiry about the details we hold for you.
Financial details are not stored on this website as all transactions are through our strip payment facility.
The content on this website and all information given to you by Oatfield Huskies is for your general use and information only. We reserve the right to change any of our web content at anytime. We are not liable for any use of the website or reliance on the content, or if the website is unavailable for any reason.